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    Hey,can you add to this amawal a spanish language option? There are a lot of people in canary island, that is amazigh but speak spanish! thanks


    Thanks Tinerfe for you suggestion.

    Do you want/have free time, to translate the website into Spanish? I could send you the file for translation and once finished I could integrate it inside the website.



    Dear Abdessamad,
    I’m another guy on the Canary Is. that would be interested in that translation into Spanish as well. I could also try to help in the translation if needed, but unluckily I have not too much time for it, so… if it could be possible from time to time and as I/we –Tinerfe and me– consult randomly words from your dictionary to include their translation into Spanish –if we guess the meaning from English or French… and sometimes the Tamazight word itself (in my case I’m trying to learn with things I’ve found on the web or orally through some people on Morroco that speak Tachelhit, but that makes no progress)– perhaps it could help somehow… slowly, but perhaps it would help.
    If you consider this is an option, please count on me.
    Tihulawen seg Tigzirin Tiknariyin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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