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  • Taqbaylit


  • Bṛec,
    1- se rouiller, devenir rouillé – oxidarse – تصدأ
    Agdawal: ṣedded.
    2- être rouillé – ser oxidado – كان مصدأ
    Agdawal: ṣedded.
    Taseftit: [Q]
    Kecc/Kemm bṛec

    Kenwi beṛcem / beṛcet

    Kennemti beṛcemt
    Anaḍ ussid
    Kecc/Kemm beṛṛec

    Kenwi beṛṛcem / beṛṛcet

    Kennemti beṛṛcemt
    Nekk beṛceɣ

    Kecc/Kemm tbeṛceḍ

    Netta yebṛec

    Nettat tebṛecNekni/Nekkenti nebṛec

    Kenwi tbeṛcem

    Kennemti tbeṛcemt

    Nitni beṛcen

    Nitenti beṛcent
    Izri ibaw
    Kecc Ur bṛiceɣ

    Kecc/Kemm Ur tebṛiceḍ

    Netta Ur yebṛic

    Nettat Ur tebṛicNekni/Nekkenti Ur nebṛic

    Kenwi Ur tebṛicem

    Kennemti Ur tebṛicemt

    Nitni Ur bṛicen

    Nitenti Ur bṛicent
    Urmir ussid
    Kenn beṛṛceɣ

    Kecc/Kemm tbeṛṛceḍ

    Netta ibeṛṛec

    Nettat tbeṛṛecNekni/Nekkenti nbeṛṛec

    Kenwi tbeṛṛcem

    Kennemti tbeṛṛcemt

    Nitni beṛṛcen

    Nitenti beṛṛcent
    Nekk Ad beṛceɣ

    Kecc/Kemm Ad tbeṛceḍ

    Netta Ad yebṛec

    Nettat Ad tebṛecNekni/Nekkenti Ad nebṛec

    Kenwi Ad tbeṛcem

    Kennemti Ad tbeṛcemt

    Nitni Ad beṛcen

    Nitenti Ad beṛcent
    Amaɣun n yezri
    (ay) ibeṛcen
    Amaɣun n yezri ibaw
    Ur yebṛicen

    Ur nebṛic
    Amaɣun n wurmir
    (Ara) ibeṛcen
    Amaɣun n wurmir ussid
    (Ara) ibeṛṛcen
    Amaɣun n wurmir ussid ibaw
    Ur ibeṛṛcen

    Ur nbeṛṛec



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